Hi, I’m John Marsicek (pronounced Mar-si-chek), a Portland metro area based technical writer and graphic designer. This is my website for showcasing my technical writing and graphic design experience, and helping you get to know me better. To discuss how I can be a solid contributor to your organization with my skills and experience, I can be reached at (503) 415-0904 or via email at jmarsicek@outlook.com.

Experienced Technical Writer & Graphic Designer

I have nearly 20 years of experience producing quality documentation. I’m a member of my profession’s leading organization, the Society for Technical Communication, and have contributed as a volunteer and received local recognition for my technical communication work. My experience in graphic design enables me to apply the principles of good design and layout to documents and to create quality graphics.

With a passion for both the written word and images, my technical writing and graphic design skills serve to make technology easier to understand and improve user productivity.

Let’s discuss how I can contribute to your organization. Contact me at (503) 415-0904 or send an e-mail to jmarsicek@outlook.com. I look forward to hearing from you.


“John designed a great logo for my husband’s hot wings side business that is mostly for fundraising purposes. We have used it on banners, product labels, chef coats and advertising. The design creates a lot of interest, smiles, and represents his product perfectly!”
Kathy Allworth, Fred Meyer Recruiting & Training Manager

“I have worked with John professionally for over 10 years. He is one of the most reliable, resourceful, and knowledgeable individuals I have ever partnered with. His proficiency with graphics and design are top-notch and his work-ethic and commitment to excellence will exceed anyone’s expectations.”
Michael Richter, Fred Meyer Associate Skills Development Manager



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